Holy Week Daily Devotional - Introduction


Enter The Darkness.

An introduction to the devotional.

Holy Week is traditionally a time where we recount the events that took place on Jesus’ journey to the cross. It’s a week that gradually gets dimmer and dimmer and eventually ends in complete darkness and silence. It’s not an easy story to commemorate and an even more difficult one to join in on. You see, the glorious good news of Easter and the marvellous light that it brings (the bit we anticipate most!) is not part of Holy Week. No doubt we will celebrate it, but Holy Week calls us to slow down and walk in the footsteps of our lowly Saviour; to focus first on his suffering, his humiliation, and his death. 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote of the Cost of Discipleship and warned of “cheap grace” that did not take seriously either the gravity of sin or the radical call to servanthood: “When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die.”

So we first trace Christ’s obedient footsteps to his death before getting to the hope of the resurrection. We understand the promise of newness of life against the backdrop of death and ending. New beginnings come from endings. You can’t truly appreciate the good news of the light of Resurrection Day without first walking through the shadows and darkness of Holy Week. 

So each day this week you’ll get a devotional reading focusing on a specific Bible passage and aspect of Jesus’ journey to his death a cross. They are not of a uniform writing style or personality as each devotional is written by a different leader in our church. Some are more creative, some are more personal, some are more historical, but hopefully each writing will help you reflect on what Jesus has done for you.

That’s right, for you.

The journey he took, the pain he endured, the darkness he entered…he did it all for you. 


Here’s a few pointers as you read:

  • Slow down. Set some time apart each day this week to stop, breath, read slowly, and place your focus on Jesus. He wants your attention and has something to say to you.
  • Don’t just read these reflections and be finished with it all. Let them be a mere starting point. Discuss your thoughts with people in your life, with your family. The big questions are "how is this good news for me?" and "what does it change in my life?”
  • Here's some Holy Week recommended listening:
Posted on March 23, 2018 .